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Along with my resume and portfolio, you can find some articles here on technologies I find interesting and on the stuff I've built and experimented with.

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Dominique Dierickx

Recent articles

Siri, what's on TV? 04 Mar 2012
A plugin for SiriProxy that gives Siri access to the Belgian television guide. You just ask "What's on TV?" and Siri will answer, even when there's nothing on!

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An implementation of Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript using the HTML5 Canvas.

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Experiment on extracting visit statistics to points-of-interests using the Foursquare API and some Python scripts. Find out the best time & day to visit your local supermarket or other POIs by analyzing crowdsourced data. Results of a three-week data monitoring experiment is presented here as well as the created tools used to gather it.

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Some words on how this website was created using third party tools such as Jekyll and Foundation.

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